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Trinkets n Treasures

Whenever time and resources allow for it, we will either create or join events that can help promote our existence within our community.  Refer to this page from time to time to check out what we're doing next, and feel free to email us with any questions you might have.

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Vendor Daze!

This is a monthly event that we sponsor as a store.  On one predesignated Saturday every month, volunteer vendors of ours come out and tend to their booths from 10:00 am thru about 2:00 pm.  This allows our shoppers to meet the many creative artists we have in our store, while they browse around for those one-of-a-kind things they love to shop for.  Every booth presents a set of very different things from any other booth in our store.  The same thing goes for the many wonderful talents of the vendors we support.

Our next Vendor Daze is scheduled for Saturday, March 16th.  Come check out the vendors who want to meet you, too.

As of March 1st, we have over 30 different vendors.  Anywhere from 2 thru 8 or 9 of our vendors should be there at each of these Vendor Daze events.  Many of them will either have goodies to pass around to customers, or discounts offered off selected merchandise.  Also, check out these as well as ALL of our vendors on our "Our Vendors" page here on this site, if you want to know more about what they make.