Trinkets n Treasures

Whenever time and resources allow for it, we will either create or join events that can help promote our existence within our community.  Refer to this page from time to time to check out what we're doing next, and feel free to email us with any questions you might have.

Trick Or Treat Street

This is another in a long list of events that are sponsored and managed by the Greeley Downtown Development Authority.  Participating businesses will have a full color flyer in their windows and/or doors, like the one pictured below.  When families see those flyers, it means there are either games, treats, prizes, or a combination of those things available inside those businesses.  Events like this one gives the area a fun reason to get out and rediscover downtown Greeley, and to do so with their families.  Come on out and check out the fun!  Look for the flyers, and enjoy!

Trick Or Treat Street Flyer
Trick Or Treat Street Flyer

Vendor Daze!

This is a monthly event that we sponsor as a store.  On one predesignated Saturday every month, volunteer vendors of ours come out and tend to their booths from 10:00 am thru about 2:00 pm.  This allows our shoppers to meet the many creative artists we have in our store, while they browse around for those one-of-a-kind things they love to shop for.  Every booth presents a set of very different things from any other booth in our store.  The same thing goes for the many wonderful talents of the vendors we support.

As of October 25th, we have 39 different vendors, plus a growing Etsy store section.  Anywhere from 2 thru 8 or 9 of our vendors should be there at each of these Vendor Daze events.  Many of them will either have goodies to pass around to customers, or discounts offered off selected merchandise.  Also, check out these as well as ALL of our vendors on our "Our Vendors" page here on this site, if you want to know more about what they make.  

Saturday, October 27th =  10:00 am thru 2:00 pm

Here is a list of the vendors we have received confirmations from, who plan on manning their booths and meeting our customers on this date:

  • Nanna D's Crackle Corn = Her specialty is SURE to tickle your taste buds.
  • Lady At the WellNeed custom made personal care products you can't find anywhere else?
  • A Wooden Touch and Crafts = You'll be amazed at the creative genius behind these beautiful things. 
  • Jewelry Box Junction = Shawna does absolutely AMAZING work on her jewelry box improvement pieces.  Their finished appearances are better than when they were brand new!
  • Water TigersWhether it's fun baked goods for you, or frozen dog treats for your 4-legged best friend, THIS booth should definitely grab your attention.
  • Flipping Sisters = Come check out their VERY cool upcycled pieces