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Parking For Customers

Regardless of what is going on in and around the area of our store, there should always be plenty of parking available for our valued customers.  Some of it is available  along 10th Street in front of our store.  There are also several other areas that provide ample parking, as long as you don't mind walking less than a block to and from our store.  

 Whenever either the city or Zoie's (business located next door to us) hosts a Saturday morning "Farmers Market" event, parking directly in front of our store, or immediately to the east of our building, may be scarce or difficult to find.  It's usually pretty busy from about 9am thru about noon on those Saturdays.  As a result, if you shop with us in the morning during those Saturdays, please take note of the alternative parking areas noted below.  

Here are the areas around the store where shoppers can find parking options:

  • Directly In Front Of Our Store:  You can either park at an angle on along the south side of 10th Street, or parallel park right in front of our store, based on space availability.  
  • Along The Railroad Tracks To The East:  There are angled parking spaces that face the railroad tracks that run all along that whole north-to-south block.  
  • Lot To The West Of Carl's Jr.:  If you look just to the west of the Carl's Jr. small west parking lot, there is another parking lot open for shoppers for ANY of the businesses in the area.  It should support an estimated 30-35 vehicles.
  • City Lots To The South-West Of 8th Avenue - 10th Street Intersection:  There are VERY large city parking lots located on the southwest corner of the 8th Avenue and 10th Street intersection.  Those lots are less than a block from our store, and an easy 5-minute walk from your vehicle(s).  They are normally paid parking lots for the city court buildings during the week, but they have signs that clearly note that all of those spaces are completely free on the weekends. Combined, they provide enough parking spaces to accommodate well over 200 vehicles.
  • City Lot To Directly West Of Our Block, Across 8th Avenue:  This city lot can accommodate up to an estimated 50 total vehicles, and is completely free on the weekends as well.  Cross 8th Avenue directly from there, walk about 300 feet down the north sidewalk along 10th Street, and our store is right there on your left.
  • Parking Lot Behind Our Store:  The popular family Ice Haus ice skating rink has a large parking lot on the north side of our block.  There are about 12-15 spaces available to anyone, free of charge on weekends, located directly behind our store.  To get there, enter the alley way right behind our building from the east side of our block.  Find any parking space that's open, which doesn't have an Ice Haus Employees sign in front of them.

Parking For Vendors

All we ask of our vendors is that they do not use the parking directly in front of our store, along 10th Street.  It is to the advantage of ALL of us that we give the parking options closest to the store, for our shoppers.  This is true for vendors selling daily (by specific date, manning their own booths), as well as for consignment sellers who drop in to check on their booth's sales for the week or month.  We will lose some shoppers if there are NO parking spaces directly out in front of our store.  Please look thru the section above that outlines the parking available for shoppers.  Feel free to find and use parking available in ANY of the other areas.  Thank you for honoring this requirement of our vendors.

NOTEIf you're dropping of merchandise for your booth, feel free to use a space out front along 10th Street, temporarily.  We will watch your things while you move your vehicle to another space away from the 10th Street spaces that we want to keep open for our shoppers.