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Name with jewels
Name with jewels

We are just two regular people who share the same dream that's coming to life in the form of Trinkets-n-Treasures.  Since about the first day we met, we've both enjoyed upcyling things, salvaging discarded materials and turning them into things people enjoy using, watching the creative t alents of area crafters.  After selling stainless steel necklace chain from spools  for a couple of years, we hatched the idea of creating a brick and mortar location for area crafters.  Our dream is to provide crafters with a physical location they can call home, without having to risk large sums of money in starting their own shops.  Our vendors can use our store to set up meetings with their on and offline customers, recruit new regular customers, and more.     

Our goal is to develop a group of vendors who are primarily those who make/create or significantly enhance their own goods.  However, at least in the beginning, we will invite a few specific direct sellers to join us as well.  In the end, we hope to be able to provide significant assistance to those running home-based businesses. 

We hope to set up our store in such a way where more than three quarters of our sellers will be on monthly consignment contracts, while the remaining vendors will be those choosing to sell by individual dates, or specific weekends.  Having the majority of our vendors be consignment sellers should help provide an ample amount of consistency for our regular customers.  However, allowing a significant number of sellers be daily vendors should help draw ongoing shopper interest, among those who are curious to see what's different inside Trinkets-n-Treasures on any given day.  

Our consignment sellers are contracted for a specific amount of square footage of sales space.  They are responsible for their own tables, displays, merchandise, etc.  We will help sell it for them while they are not there every weekend.  However, they will always be welcomed come in and sell directly to their customers, while they create relationships with their customers.  

Our daily vendors will be contracted for booth spaces that measure 40 square feet each, and they'll be able to contract for as many booths as they need for the dates they want to sell with us.  Many of those daily vendors will eventually convert over and become consignment sellers with us, as they learn more about their products, what their shoppers want, etc.

Let us know if you would like to know more about us, our concept, etc.  In the meantime, please enjoy your shopping experience with us.