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Trinkets n Treasures

Etsy Store Vendor Option

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Many of you are just ITCHING to get started with selling the many wonderful things that you create as a hobby, passion or both.  Maybe you're just not ready to take the leap of faith needed to commit to a booth or half-booth, but you're still interested in trying to either find a way to start selling, or start increasing the sales of your crafted things.  You might also be the type of person who is either new or shy to online sales, or maybe you DESPISE being online!  If we described your thoughts at least a little, here, this particular vending option with us just might be what you're looking for.  


Well before we decided to open this crafts store, and even well before we started working thru the craft show circuit for several years, Bob become an avid seller online.  The roots of this online selling history started WAY back in 1998, and thru EBay during its early years.  After working up to over 10,000 feedback comments, with a better than 98.5% feedback score, Bob transitioned over to Etsy in 2004.  Though we've definitely evolved to the point of opening this craft store, we also haven't forgotten where all of our selling experiences got!

We've created a beautiful new online store based on  We already have well over 300 of our own things listed online, there, but we've decided to expand that online store to include selling things for individuals.  Read more, and let us know if this is something you want to take part in. 


Here is the way this works.  You bring us what you want us to consider selling for you online thru our Etsy store.  We will conduct a brief Etsy search to investigate whether or not there is a good to great chance that we'll get the price you want for it.  If we don't think there's a good chance of being successful for you, we'll let you know, while explaining the reason(s).  We don't want to waste your time or money, or our time.  If we feel strongly that your merchandise will sell at the price you're wanting, then we'll give it a try for you.  At that point, we'll need for you contract with us, so we have your agreement and signature on file.

ALSO, while your item runs in our Etsy store for 90 days or until sold, we will also have it displayed in Trinkets-n-Treasures, too, with a price tag.  That allows your merchandise to potentially sell either thru our online store on, OR directly to our shopping public here in Greeley, Colorado.


There are two parts to this answer.  First, there is a $10.00 minimum "Listing Fee" we will collect up front for each item we agree to list on Etsy for you.  That fee is non-refundable, and covers our time spent researching, photographing, describing and posting your item, whether it ends up selling or not.  If it sells, our "Consignment Fee" is 25%, which then covers the additional time we'll spend packing and then shipping your item(s).  If the consignment fee is more than $10.00 on what we sell for you, we'll only retain the difference between your $10.00 listing fee paid up front, and the consignment fee owed. Here is an example of how this works:

EXAMPLE #1 = Let's assume John Doe brings in a 1 foot high plant stand that has iron legs, and tells us that he would like $40.00 for it sold thru our Etsy store.  First, we would estimate the shipping costs, so that we can inform John Doe what his TOTAL charges will need to be as listed on Etsy.  Let's say that the estimated shipping related costs will be about $20.00.  That means John Doe's listing will be for a total of about $60.00.  We would then research it on to see what other people are selling just like it, or at least very similar.  Let's assume that there are several Etsy sellers listing the same thing for under $60.00 in total charges. In this case, we'll recommend that John Doe either come down considerably on his asking price, or we'll deny posting it for him.

EXAMPLE #2 = Now let's assume Mary Smith comes in with a nicely handcrafted wood cutting board, and says she wants $50.00 for it.  Again, we'll estimate the shipping costs to be around $14.00, making the total asking charges $64.00.  We would then research it on to see what the competition is asking.  In this case, let's assume that the lowest total charges for similar cutting boards listed on Etsy are running around $60.00 or more.  Here, we will let Mary know that her chances of getting what she wants are very good, and we'll accept trying to sell it for her.

NOTE:  By accepting an offer to sell something for you, we are in NO WAY guaranteeing that it will definitely sell.  All we are doing is accepting the offer to give it our best effort after determining that our total asking charges are better than others selling the same thing.


If you know you want to give this a try, bring us what you would like to contract with us to sell thru our Etsy store.  Check our store days and hours, and you can bring it or them in any time while we are open for business.  If you still have questions, feel free to email us thru our "Contact Us" page.  You can get there by clicking HEREIf you want to save time, print the Etsy Store Vendor Contract thru the link below.

Click on the link above to print the Etsy Store Sales Vendor Contract from home.