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709  10th Street

Greeley, Colorado 80631

Our store is located at the address posted above, which is situated on the southeast corner of the same block where the Ice Haus ice skating rink is.  If you find the Carl's Jr. in that area, you should see our store across the street, directly to the north of there.  We will be smack in the middle of the highly popular and busy "Farmer's Market" that happens annually in the lot immediately to the east of our building.  That is an event that goes on every weekend throughout the summer.  There should be a fairly steady flow of shopper traffic in and around our area during the Farmer's Market season every year.  We are very excited about the challenge of drawing many of those people inside our store.

Before And After Building Improvements Pictures!

To gain a little perspective on just our drastically improved this building now appears, take a look at the images posted below!  The one on the left shows what it looked like from the outside as of January of 2018.  The one on the right shows off it's new look as of May 31, 2018!  Those who know this area well are fully aware of just how much nicer it is now.  Feel free to swing by and take a look up close.  If you stop in while we are open on any weekend from June 9th and 10th of 2018, forward, definitely come on in and look around.  We definitely understand that there are a lot of people who are native to this neighborhood who remember what it used to be like inside when it was still "Frank's Seed & Hatchery."  Now, as a site designated by the city of Greeley as a Historic landmark, certain parts of the outside of this 1927-built red brick building cannot be changed.  For example, you'll never see the "Frank's Seed & Hatchery" painted name be altered or removed.  The same goes for the beautiful artistic mural that is painted on the east side of this building.  Swing by sometime soon and take a look around!