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Store Days and Hours

  • Saturday = 9:00am thru 5:00pm
  • Sunday = 10:00am thru 5:00pm
  • Mondays = Closed
  • Tuesdays thru Fridays = 4:00pm thru 7:00pm
  • Open On Selected "Flash Sale" Days, Based On Area Events and Shopping Traffic.  See the "Flash Sale Days" section below for more information!

Flash Sale Days!

We define "Flash Sale" days as those we plan on opening up outside of the normal schedule above.  We hope to ride the wave of various events and activities that go on in the area in and around the neighborhood of our store.  For example, we were open for "Friday Fest" Friday nights throughout the summer season in 2018.  We extended our hours during the Fall and holiday season in 2018 as well, based on events that happened in downtown Greeley during that period!  Feel free to either check back on this page from time to time, or email us to ask thru our Contact Us page.

Planned Flash Sale Days:

  • Every FIRST Friday of every month, downtown Greeley sponsors "Friday First," to support businesses that promote the arts.  We will be open from 4p thru 7p on every one of those first Fridays of every month.  We will try to always have at least one of our vendor artists in the store during these monthly events, so you can meet and chat with them about what they create.