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Trinkets n Treasures

Join Our New Shoppers Email Group!

Based on interest coming in from potential shoppers of our new store, we've created a new email group for just shoppers.  If you are a potential vendor, feel free to join our vendor AND shopper email groups.  Our vendor email group is the first to be informed about developments, for obvious reasons.  However, we've also decided that there are enough people out there who want to know what's going on from the shopper perspective, too.  

Those in our shoppers email group will be the first to know our opening date, as well as our initial weekends open dates from June thru July as well.  We'll also invite and encourage our vendors to let us know what special pricing they want to run on different things they sell, so we can pass them along to our shoppers email group every week once we're open.  Any and all promotional ads our vendors run thru us will be passed along to the shoppers email group, which may include special coupons that some of them may create for specific discounting.  We will also let our shopper email group know about special week day opening dates we announce throughout the year, too.  Again, that shoppers group will be the first to know about those as well, such as during the holidays, whenever special events are going on in that part of Greeley, etc.

To join, all you need to do is let us know.  You can do that either through our Contact Us page, or by emailing us thru the link below:

To opt out at any time, simply email us with that request, and we'll delete your email address immediately, as soon as we receive your email.