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Do you want to sell one or more of the things you've crafted, but don't have enough to secure either a full ( 8'  X  5') or half booth (4' X  5')?  Do you have a lot of crafted things piling up, but you're either too shy or don't want to spend the time selling any of them?  Maybe you're somebody who just HATES selling things yourself online?  Well, we have introduced another way for you to consider selling your crafted things, if either any or all of the points above fit you or somebody you know.  We are now selling selected crafted things online for people thru our existing Etsy store.  Those items we accept to contract for selling online will also be on display in our store in Greeley as well.  Click on our Etsy Store Vendor Option page to read more, and/or come in to Trinkets-n-Treasures at 709 10th Street during any Saturday or Sunday when we're open.  We would love to show you around.

As long as we have space available for more vendors, we invite you to ask about joining us.  We will always favor the vendors who create their own merchandise, or significantly enhance something, such as upcycling, etc.  Once you know what you would like to try and sell, decide whether you want to sell monthly on consignment, or daily on a date by date basis.  Both options are explained below.  If you're interested in potentially becoming a vendor, please reach us through our
Contact Us page.  As we field common questions, we'll incorporate them within our explanations below. 

Security =  Trinkets-n-Treasures hopes to have a full color camera system in place starting with the first day we're open.  That system will have anywhere from 8 to 16 cameras.  Though we should be able to use footage for assisting in the apprehension of thiefs caught on video, we will really use this system as a deterrant for thieves considering any wrongdoing.  

Booth Appearance =  All vendor booths will be required to have nice displays, or attractive covers over them.  Uncovered displays will be approved on a case by case basis by Trinkets-n-Treasures.  We expect all vendor booths to be nicely displayed and attractive to the eye for our shoppers.  Our hope is to create and maintain a very positive shopping experience for our customers, and the way our booths look will make a tremendous impact on them.

Electricity Use = Until further notice,and within reasonable use limits, we will not charge any vendor for electricity use, whether they are consignment or daily vendors.  We reserve the right to review this offer for potential changes at any given time.  Affected vendors will be given at least 10 days' notice before their next contract or application will be changed.  

Price Tagging = If you're going to be a day to day seller who handles all of their own sales, you can handle price tagging any way you wish.  However, all Consignment Vendors will be responsible for price tagging all of their merchandise in a specific way.  Those tags must contain at least the following information:

  • Vendor Number
  • Item Title (1 to 3 words)
  • Item Price
  • (If you wish to put additional information on the back side of your price tags, that is fine, too.)

It'll be the vendor's responsibility to make sure everything is correctly tagged.  If Day To Day Vendors choose not to price tag their merchandise, they need to be sure to be present for sales, or provide adequate coverage for their booths.  

Handling Of Price Dickering =  Consignment Vendors will be contacted by phone anytime a shopper wishes to make them an offer that is lower than as marked.  If we cannot reach the vendor, the marked price is what we will hold firm to.  If the vendor gives us their word on going lower in price, we will make those counteroffers for our venors.  When such sales are successful, we will note your sales that way in our records, so that your sales detail each month reflects which items you approved price reductions on.

Vendor Parking Areas =  All vendors may park temporarily on the street directly in front of our store for the purposes of unloading, only.  Once unloaded, vendors will be expected to park in any of the alternative parking areas around the store.  There is a small lot just west of the Carl's Jr. lot.  There is also parking directly behind our building, in the Ice Haus lot.  Last, except when the Farmer's Market is in full swing during the summers, vendors will be able to park in and around the gazebo-like areas directly to the east of our block.  We want to leave all of the parking directly in front of our store for our customers.  

Consignment Vending

Consignment Vendors are sellers who pay for a full month at a time.  These vendors, they are responsible for their own tables, displays, merchandise set up and take down, merchandise inventory, the way everything is displayed, adding correct price tagging, etc.  These vendors an come and go as they choose, whether they are checking on inventory levels, resupplying their booths, or stay and sell directly to their customers.

Consignment Vendors will be charged only $2.50 per requested square foot per month.  We currently have two booth size options for consignment.  A full booth is 5ft X 8ft (40 square feet) for $100.00 per month, while the half booth is 5ft X 4ft (20 square feet) for only $50.00 per month.

We will charge just 10% for all sales that we handle for Consignment Vendors while they are away.  This helps cover our labor and credit/debit card transactions fees, and is an industry standard.  The Consignment Vendor will receive credit on their account with the store for the remaining 90% of every sale made thru their booths, assisted by Trinkets-n-Treasures.  If these vendors stop selling with us at the end of the month, they will receive a check for what they have on account, by the 10th of the following month.  Should a vendor continue selling with us into the next month, we will apply their surplus credit value to their booth fee for that next month.  If there is still surplus remaining after their next month booth fee is paid, they will receive a check for it by the 10th of that next month.  If a returning vendor still has a balance owed for their booth space for the next month, they will be billed for that difference.

Locking Display Case Note = If a vendor needs to sell merchandise from a locked case due to the theft risk, they can bring in their own locking display cases.  Trinkets-n-Treasures will have a limited number of them available for monthly rental for just $10.00 - $15.00 per month.  Either way, vendors will be responsible for giving copies of keys to all locking cases to Trinkets-n-Treasures.

Contract, Application and Floor Plan Links

  Please let us know if the contract link below isn't working.  It may be a glitch at your end, but we will certainly look into it, if needed.  Be sure your system is able to open .PDF files. ALSO, please remember to print and mail in ALL pages of the contract you sign and mail in.  We need ALL pages for your file, and NOT just the back page.

You Can Mail Your Contract To This Address: There is a 709A, 10th Street, Greeley, Colorado address noted just above the signature line on your contract form.  BE SURE TO ADD THE LETTER "A" after "709," or there will be delays.  We do have a mailbox set up for the store's physical address but we are "A" in front, with the building's new owner having the back section, which is "B."  

NOTE: We currently do NOT have the ability to accept E-signatures, so will need for you to mail your contracts or applications in via regular USPS mail.  You can bring them to us after we open for business, but we cannot "hold" booth spaces until your application or contract and payment are both accepted.  So, mailing everything in advance is recommended.

Consignment Vendor Contract

Click on the link above, to print ALL pages our most current  Consignment contract.  Complete and mail it in with your payment when ready.